Mini Medics First Aid

The Mini Medics course is a fantastic way to introduce First Aid to children. Supported by Nuco Training, the UK’s leading independent instructor training company specialising in first aid, defibrillation and compliance training.

The Mini Medics course is ideal for QUALIFIED teachers/TRAINERs to teach, WHO hold a current and valid 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work or a 3-day First Aid at Work qualification.

The Mini Medics First Aid course is kept to a basic level, with no use of confusing terminologies and shows complete respect for the child’s ability.

Ideal for schools and clubs

Children who are active club members can easily learn basic First Aid skills which could save a life.

An educational course

Mini Medics is a fun course whilst being educational and practical and instils the importance of helping someone who is poorly or injured.

What do you need?

A Mini Medics trainer pack, which includes training notes, PowerPoint presentations and course promotional material.

Mini Medics First Aid training has become very popular throughout the UK and thousands of children are now proud to call themselves “Mini Medics!”


The Mini Medics course is 3 hours in duration, depending on the syllabus you want covered. The course includes educational, theoretical and practical teaching sessions.

We have also introduced a 1-hour short course to fit in with school lessons and afterschool clubs. The 1-hour course resources are included in the Mini Medics Trainer Pack at no extra cost.

The Mini Medics TRAINER pack


32 x Student Packs
1 x Trainer USB flash drive containing:
  • PowerPoint presentations, training notes and session plans
  • Marketing materials
  • Administrative materials

View the full range of trainer resources here.

Mini Medics First Aid Trainer Pack

Mini Medics COVID-19 Guidance

Mini Medics first aid training must only take place where this is permissible in accordance with the UK Government and devolved administrations or regional restrictions. Trainers should adhere to the COVID-19 hygiene guidance document which can be accessed below.