Mini Medics training in schools

Mini Medics training in schools and clubs

This course is ideal for qualified teachers/instructors to teach that hold a current and valid 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work or a 3-day First Aid at Work qualification. Children that are active club members can easily learn basic First Aid skills that could save a life.

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Running the Mini Medics Training course

Running the Mini Medics Training course

If you would like to deliver this course all you need is:

  • A current and valid 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work qualification, or a
  • 3-day First Aid at Work qualification
  • A Mini Medics trainer pack on a USB stick which includes:
  • Training notes
    PowerPoint presentation
    Promotional material
  • Individual student packs containing books, pens and worksheets
    See below for details on how to buy the resources.
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  • Mini Medics mouth to mouth

    The mini medics illustrated book

    The Mini Medics book, comprises 32 pages with hand drawn colour illustrations showing typical examples of First Aid procedures which help children to see how to help people that are injured or sick, all of which is included in the course with practical demonstration from the First Aid qualified trainer. The book includes a 'cut-out' certificate and a separate worksheet which adds an element of fun and educational activity.

    You can take a sneak preview of the book here ...

    Book preview

    Student packs, Trainers packs and merchandise

    Student packs include:

  • 32 page fully illustrated A4 colour book including a cut-out ‘Mini Medics’ certificate
  • A choice of a unique syringe pen in red or blue or a colour pencil set
  • A worksheet with fun and educational activity
  • Instructor Training packs include:

  • 32 Student Packs
  • 2GB USB stick containing:
    Training notes
    PowerPoint presentation
    A range of PDF files containing promotional materials
    Hi-Res illustrations taken from the colour book
    The Mini Medics logo

    mini medics in schools

    Student Training Packs

    32 page illustrated training book (as described above) Pen or Pencil Set and Worksheet.

    Cost £4.20 (inc VAT)

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    mini medics in clubs

    Instructor Training pack

    32 Student Training Packs, USB with Instructor Training Notes, PowerPoint presentation etc.

    Cost £180.00 (inc VAT)

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    Choose from a wide range of T-shirts, Polo shirts and Hoodies for Trainers and students.

    Prices from £10.00 (inc VAT)

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    Green durable, easy access first aid pouch containing basic First Aid kit items.

    Price £5.99 (inc VAT)

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